At Vegetigi, employees welfare is one of our top priorities:

_ We conduct annual training about safety guidelines, fire prevention & extinguishment. Before 1st day on the job, all employees will go through company’s policies and get trained about safety precautions.
_ We provide our employees with a safe working environment and conduct annual health check-up for all employees. We also provide meals, protective equipments & work uniforms, health insurance and unemployment benefits to employees.
_ We continously send financial aids to employees in need, including homes construction & direct financial aids.
_ Besides, we also organize vocation trips periodically for all our employees to boost team-buiding & help our employees reenergize after hard-working days.

1.1. Home Construction For Needy Employees:

1.2. Direct Financial Aids To Employees:

1.3. Company-Sponsored Vocation Trips To All Employees & Workers Periodically:

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